Isabel Wen

Nicole is hands down the best recruiter I have ever worked with. Not only that, she continues to be an amazing asset to our community. Nicole was a speaker for our peer mentoring group in Women in Bio SoCal chapter, and she made sure to contribute valuable insight and feedback to every single one of our 15 members in the room. She is a very selfless, warm, and energetic person who oozes positivity and confidence. Nicole immediately became an integral member of our peer group and has helped each one of us with attaining our career goals. I highly recommend working with Nicole. You'll regret not working with her!

Alessandra Cunsolo, PhD

I met Nicole last year through the Women in Bio organization, when she came to talk about job seeking to the peer group that I was part of. I was in San Diego for only a few months, without any connections and I was trying to move from an academic position to industry. She gave me lots of suggestions on how to speed up this process .... and I got the job! She took the time to meet me, improve my resume and she called me several time for support. She is not only a great recruiter and expert in talent placement, she really cares about people!

Julia Hill, PhD

I would highly recommend Nicole Wissemann to any individual/organization as a recruiter and talent placement expert. I first met Nicole through the Women in Bio organization, when she came to speak about job seeking to the peer group that I co-led for the Mentors, Associates, Peers, Sponsorship (MAPS) program. She was very engaging, and took time to speak personally to every woman in the room. She became a regular fixture at our meetings, and coached several of these women on an ongoing basis. Nicole directly helped 3 women in that initial group with a job transition. I can say that she is great at working with a candidate to understand what their ideal job match is, and helping them to develop their personal presentation to make it clear to organizations why they are a good fit for that role. Twice she took the time to call me and coach me through different issues related to my latest job transition. Nicole gave me knowledge that was both technically on-point and insightful, as well as encouragement that led me to feel empowered in the choices that I was making. She is also a delight to speak with- passionate but funny, candid but also caring. Recently I transitioned away from the bench, in part with Nicole’s help. Additionally, in the last 6 months Nicole has volunteered as a peer group leader for the MAPS program. In my position as the now Co-Vice Chair of the MAPS program, I am appreciative that she has agreed to work with us. Her group is consistently well attended, and the positive feedback that I have heard demonstrates that Nicole’s skills are a benefit to a diverse audience of individuals in a wide variety of career stages. For all of these reasons I am happy to recommend Nicole as an expert in her field of recruiting, and as generally an asset to any organization that she would work with.

Kirstin Kirn Crago

I've worked with Nicole at a couple different organizations and each time I am impressed by her engaging personality and capabilities with being able to build relationships. She truly enjoys the art (and skill) in being able to match the perfect candidate in their perfect role!

Jessica Louw

Nicole is both an incredible mentor and colleague. As a contingent recruiter at Navican, she artfully recruited top talent in record time (filling 8 positions in less than 1 month). Nicole is an excellent communicator and always goes the extra mile to ensure all stakeholders have the right information to make informed decisions. She also consistently demonstrates exemplary leadership and a strong work ethic that extends beyond recruiting. She is an active member of the life sciences community and plays an integral part in mentoring, empowering and advocating for women in STEM. I hope to work with Nicole again in the future and look forward to seeing her continued success.

Madison Klair

Nicole and I worked together at Bionano Genomics, and she always brought great energy to the HR team. Being an intern for the first time, Nicole has taught me valuable skills that I will be able to use in my future HR career. Nicole continues to give me thoughtful advice even after working together, and she genuinely cares about the success of others.

Randie Shannon

I worked with Nicole on the Recruiting team at ResMed for nearly two years. During that time she brought notable change and energy to the team, while serving as my mentor. Upon arriving in early 2013, Nicole saw opportunity to implement a comprehensive Recruiting service for the business. The service model introduced the business to kick off meetings, interview prep meetings, and behavioral-based interview guides. I saw firsthand the roll out and impact of this new full-service model. Nicole's vast Recruiting expertise combined with her distinct positive energy was a true recipe for success. Nicole proactively communicated with the business, was passionate to understand the team/ position requirements, and always seemed to quickly and easily find the right candidates. Aside from partnering with me on a regular basis for interview coordination, Nicole went out of her way to coach me as I was early in my career. She was happy to regularly share knowledge, advice, and offered numerous job shadowing opportunities. Nicole is a warm, intuitive, and highly skilled Recruiter. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her for any Recruiting or Human Resources Business Partner position moving forward.

Theresa Lowry

I worked with Nicole for 8 years at two separate organizations (Encore Capital Group and ResMed). Throughout those years, we worked on various projects together and Nicole consistently impressed me. Nicole has the ability find exceptional candidates for every type of role – ranging from entry-level administrative roles to C-suite executives (and everything in between). She’s an incredibly insightful recruiter – a person who is willing to take extra steps to identify and hire perfect candidates. She gained the trust of candidates, peers and hiring managers, as her ability to build relationships is unmatched. Hiring managers and candidates view her as a strategic partner due in large part to her unique capacity to identify potential future responsibilities that might not have previously been considered. Additionally, Nicole possesses a fantastic sense of humor that is essential. Nicole was my most trusted partner when we worked together to build an operation in Costa Rica from scratch at Encore. Nicole leveraged recruiting processes that she built in the US to hire fantastic candidates in Costa Rica. She succeeded in this because she built scalable and repeatable processes. Nicole is the most talented recruiter with whom I have worked. I am hopeful that I have an opportunity to work alongside Nicole again in the future. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Lei Lei Sengchanthalangsy

Nicole Gabrielle Wissemann #Kudos I really appreciate you #MakingAnImpact . You make a difference in our lives. Thank you for being a champion in advancing young women in bio. I #leadership #inspiration #womeninbio #goingaboveandbeyond

Jordan Duncan

Nicole is the best recruiter I've worked with during any of my job searches to date. She has an innate ability to fully understand what I was seeking in a new job and connect me with the perfect opportunity. Her wide network of meaningful connections is a direct reflection of the personal care and attention that she shines of every person she meets. As a software engineer, I was fully confident that Nicole fully articulated all of my professional and technical achievements and goals to hiring teams. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience working with Nicole and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to work with an authentic, genuine and incredibly talented recruiter!